4 reasons why you should use loitools.com’s Minifiers

Why do we need to minify our Javascript?

As I mentioned here, minify your assets like Javascript and Stylesheet files is an important task to improve your site speed hence increase your site’s SEO score.

Why loitools.com’s Minifiers?

See what you have just saved

Here in loitools.com, we want you to know how many Bytes you’ve just saved immediately in realtime.

You can see it clearly at the bottom of the output box.

Easy file saving & text copying

With 2 handful link at the bottom of the output box, you can easily save as a file your new minified text.


Working on mobile browsers

We tested both of those copy and save features in most of mobile browsers and it just works!

So, anywhere you want, any platform you are working with, you can use loitools.com to support your work.

Lighting fast

Not only JS Minifier or CSS Minifier, but all of loitools.com‘s tools are very lightweight and super fast.