Django dump data for a single model?

Django dump data for a single model?

Can I perform a dumpdata in Django on just a single model, rather than the whole app, and if so, how?
For an app it would be:
python dumpdata myapp

However, I want some specific model, such as "myapp.mymodel" to be dumped. The reason being, I have some huge, 3 million records plus, datasets in the same app that I would not like dumped.


Answer 1:

As of version 1.1 and greater, the Django dumpdata management command allows you to dump data from individual tables:

./ dumpdata myapp1 myapp2.my_model

You can also separate multiple apps and models on the command line. Here’s the canonical definition:

django-admin dumpdata [app_label[.ModelName] [app_label[.ModelName] ...]]

Answer 2:

As noted, you can’t do this through a command in Django 1.0. However you could use a script to export the JSON file, and load it using loaddata:

from django.core import serializers
from myproject.myapp import models
data = serializers.serialize("json", models.MyModel.objects.all())
out = open("mymodel.json", "w")

Answer 3:

Take all data into json format from django model.


python dumpdata app_name.model_name

For example dumping data from group_permission model which reside in default auth app in django.

python dumpdata auth.group_permission

For output take a look on console.

Answer 4:

I think you had the solution in your question. You can dump an individual model like this:

./ dumpdata myapp.my_model

Answer 5:

For success I had to say it twice, and specify the model two times, like:

./ dumpdata myapp2.my_model myapp2.my_model

If I only said

./ dumpdata myapp2 myapp2.my_model

I got flooded with all the models in myapp2, despite the fact that I specified my_model.

Answer 6:

As a workaround you could make another app and copy the model but point it to the existing table with the db_table meta option. Then you could just dump the models you copied into the new app. You existing app wouldn’t be affected.

Answer 7:

I’ve created a management command the generate a fixture on a per model basis.
Fixtures can be generated by running:

./manage generate_fixtures app.model.MyModel --file=dump/MyModel.json

code at:

Answer 8:

To write it on specific file:

python dumpdata app_label.ModelName app_label.ModelName2 > fixtures/specic.json