Interpolation within single quotes

Interpolation within single quotes

How can I perform interpolation within single quotes?
I tried something like this but there are two problems.
string = 'text contains "#{search.query}"'

It doesn't work
I need the final string to have the dynamic content wrapped in double quotes like so:
'text contains "candy"'

Probably seems strange but the gem that I'm working with requires this. 


Answer 1:

You can use %{text contains "#{search.query}"} if you don’t want to escape the double quotes "text contains \"#{search.query}\"".

Answer 2:

'Hi, %{professor}, You have been invited for %{booking_type}. You may accept, reject or keep discussing more about this offer' % {professor: 'Mr. Ashaan', booking_type: 'Dinner'}

Answer 3:


%q(text contains "#{search.query}") 

which means start the string with single quote. Or if you want to start with double quote use:

%Q(text contains '#{text}')