Why we need to minify CSS and Javascript?

Short answer: it’s all because of the SEO.

Long answer:

Google is very strict when it comes to ranking websites.

If the site is slow, the visitor will drop from the website in search of a better website that loads fast and offers the same or better content. In other words, if your site loads faster then it will be preferred by Google.

So, the story became how to make your site load faster!

A normal site builds with HTML, CSS, JS, Images, Videos, Media, MySQL database, Server network bandwidth, … and all of them affect loading time.

Theoretically, if your CSS, JS, Images, HTML, … has smaller size, your site will load faster.

What is a Minifier?

Minifier is a software/process that reduce the size of the input (can be any of CSS/JS/Images/…) by removing any unnecessary parts which do not affect the running of the program.

While the output files have a smaller size, they can be load faster.

How to minify your CSS/JS

The fastest way is to use loitools.com‘s CSS Minifier & JS Minifier.

Those minifiers are built and tested strictly to make sure that your output files are the best in size.

Beside that, for your convenience, our Minifiers have realtime size of files in a compare for you to see how many Bytes saved.


Beside that, our tools are optimized super fast with in a second minifier, that makes you feel really comfortable using them.

More free online tools?

More and more tools will be available at loitools.com.